Four course plated dinner

We can customize any menu to cater your preferences
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Hot smoked salmon, sumac and dill creme, crostini
Marinated mushroom, potato rosti, salt spring chevre, pickled shallot, crispy basil
Mini pork tostada, crispy corn and flour tortilla, spicy crema, lime, avocado
Crispy, Sweet and spicy chicken wings, buttermilk and blue cheese dressing
Crispy sushi roll, avocado, Spicy tuna, kewpie, pickled vegetable, sweet ginger and tamari
Sourdough grilled cheese, tomato chutney
Tempura prawn skewer, sweet ponzu
Vegan Pakora, Tamarind chutney
Mini dungeness crab cakes, ginger aioli (when available)

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Thai Roasted Pumpkin and carrot soup, coconut, toasted peanut, corriander
Pacific chowder, local potato, hickory smoked bacon, butter toasted 200 degrees bakery sourdough baguette
Potato and melted leek soup, charred onion, herb and parmesan crouton
Roasted cauliflower and tahini, crispy garlic, puffed rice
pickled roasted varietal beets and apple, Salt spring chevre, tenderized collard
greens and celery leaf, shallot, apple cider and maple vinaigrette, candied pecan
Pacific waldorf, Moonstruck beddis blue, Ambrosia apple, celery, toasted walnuts, grapes,  bib lettuce, lemon yogurt dressing
Grilled caesar salad, romaine hearts, arugula, creamy caesar dressing, sourdough croutons, parmesan reggiano
Crispy wild mushroom salad, sesame and tamari emulsion, roasted asian greens, radish
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Grilled Dry aged ribeye, Herb and Blue juliette butter, red wine demi,  frites, crispy garlic broccolette
Stout Braised Short ribs, crispy polenta, sesame, bunrt brussel sprouts, charred cauliflower
Lamb cassoulet, cripsy lardons, braised beans, roasted seasonal veg, parsley and hemp seed pesto, butter fried sourdough
Crispy Wild boar belly, pozole, hominy and crispy chick peas, radish, avocado
Rossdown farms chicken harissa, crispy chickpeas, Chili roasted squash and root vegetables, coriander
Crispy skinned duck breast, roasted onion, carrot and ambrosia, celeriac, duck broth
Cedar roasted wild salmon, sumac butter, colcannon, roasted roots
Roasted miso Black cod, crispy wild mushrooms, garlic and ginger broth, soba, radish
Pan roasted Arctic Char, parsnip brulee, gnocchi, crispy lardons, chili roasted seasonal Pemberton vegetables

Vegetarian / Vegan
Marinated tempeh bowl, avocado, tomato, toasted pumpkin seeds, grilled
Pemberton carrots, vietnamese peanut sauce, forbidden rice
Korma, coconut basmati, roasted vegetables, toasted hazelnuts

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Flourless chocolate torte, toffee vanilla ice cream, hazelnut crumb
Sticky toffee pudding, marscapone and orange chantilly, candied walnuts
Spiced apple and maple cake, streusel, cinnamon creme anglaise
S’mores, maldon salt
Pumpkin and coconut mousse, ginger snap
White chocolate brûlée
Doughnuts, vanilla creme, ganache, praline

(Can adjust most items to suit your dietary restrictions and needs)
Dinner will include a canapé service
4 - 6 ppl $125 per person includes server
7-9 ppl $110 per person includes server
10 - 12 ppl $95 per person includes server
Simple children menus, $15 for kids 10 and under
plus 5% sales tax and 18% gratuity